SPRING 2017 classes & WORKSHOPS

CLASSES run (15 weeks) and can accrue toward a 3 YR Professional Art Career Certificate Program. WORKSHOPS (non-certificate) run in 8 week blocks and are offered in 2 successive series (totaling 16 weeks). Adults (16 yrs+) can register for any Class or Workshop. Click here to return to Monday to Thursday Classes.

REGISTER FOR Classes & Workshops BEFORE Jan 20, 2017 to guarantee seating. Classes & Workshops start Jan 23 to feb 4. 


Editorial Illustration
[IL-287-1A] w/Michael Donato

Develop a consistent style and the techniques of conceptual problem solving. Assignments will become portfolio samples for presentation.
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Foundation Life Drawing
[ID-101-1B] w/Christine Myshka

Examine structure and expressive factors using line drawing, planes and masses, foreshortening & anatomy techniques working w/live models.
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Website Design
GD-219-1B w/Lauren Rabinowitz

Develop visual design skills required to create a website using Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Includes digital imaging and composition.
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Acrylic Painting
PFP-258-1A w/Mark Romanoski
Control dry time with both opaque and glazing techniques. Duplicate transparent effects of watercolor. Color theory & composition included.
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FP-232-1A w/Christine Myshka
Explore water based media including inks, water crayons and pencils. Learn problem solving & skill building w/live models and on location.
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Foundation Graphic Design
FD-108-1B w/Phil Laskowski
Discover typography, aesthetics and graphic design basics working on a MAC. Overview includes InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.
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Pastel Painting
FW-292-1A/1B w/Leslie Delgyer
Learn techniques of hatching, layering, blending & color mixing. Work on various surfaces and with pastel varieties, including mixed mediums.
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Interior Decorating
ID-100-1A w/Varied Instructors

A 12 week certificate course teaching the basics & business aspects of the field. Four learning modules and class trips conclude with a qualifying test.
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Photoshop for FX & GAMES
GW-214-1A/1B w/Angel Villacis

Covers 3D modeling, visual effects and gaming industry - how images are used, how to construct and integrate to internet platforms.
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The Artist's Way
EW-102-1A w/Michael Donato

Based on Julia Cameron's book, discover creativity beyond blockages Gain increased confidence and productivity skills.
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Film Production 101
WS-101-1A w/John Fazio

Learn how to prep for a film, including: storyboardsing, scripting, blocking, composition, audio, editing and art direction. Learn about
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3D Modeling & Rendering
GW-343-1A w/Angel Villacis

Build your career in 3D computer graphics & discover the gaming pipeline working from 3D figures to developing with 3D printing. 
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Video for Web & Internet
EW-102-1A/1B w/Stephen Yavorski

Covers basics of video production, sound, special effects, and editing while creating finished videos for the internet. Learn to polish & upload videos to many internet platforms.
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Ceramics - TBA

Figure Drawing
w/Christine Myshka
Classical drawing with live nude models focuses on traditional fast sketch rendering with long poase at end of evening
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