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More than a painting festival duCret presents an Aerosol Experience! Come watch the professionals or join in on the action. We have brought in three well-known street artists to spray paint murals throughout the day. Each urban artist will be stationed at their own wall where they will be accessible to teach and encourage young and old to create something new and positive for the community. Grab a can and join us! You can choose to paint at one wall with a specific artist or paint at all three.

As a continuation of the event, duCret is offering an Urban Art Class in September.

Kids under 12 are free accompanied by an adult.

Teens ages 13 - 17 $5 to Paint

Adults 18+ to paint with one artist of their choice $10

Adults 18+ to paint with all three artists $25


Please fill out our registration form and sign in at the event to collect your wristband.


Snow Style explorer and aerosol magician, Snow is a veteran street scribe who has been involved with graffiti writing and aerosol art for more than four decades. His contributions to the hip hop culture are numerous, and Snow has worked with many musical icons and hip hop personalities throughout his prolific career. He labors tirelessly to bring his visions and concepts into the world of art, animation, gaming and collectibles.

Clarence Rich, a street artist that for the last 13 years has not only made his mark on the street, but also has challenged the North Jersey gallery scene. His progressive work has inspired a younger generation of urban artists.

Distort earned a BFA from the University of Pennsylvania and a Certificate in Painting from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. He has exhibited extensively in the Tristate Area, and completed murals in Miami, Istanbul, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York as well as locations across North Jersey. His most recent project, located just outside of the Holland Tunnel, is the largest mural by a single artist in New Jersey. 

Want to be a part of the action? Contact us to be a vendor: (908) 757-7171 or [email protected]