Ceramics Summer WorkshopS

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Clay Minitures

1 day Workshop

June 14, 2018
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Instructor: SIMON KELLER

SUM-18G / $75.00

Creating a mixed-media miniature sculpture challenges our creative imagination and inspires. It speaks to our sense for balance, aesthetics of shape and space. In fact, by creating the sculpture we are creating the space surrounding it. Merging mind and matter leads to powerful expressions.We work with a single ball or block of clay.  Our sculpture can be an object or vessel of functional, non-functional purpose and anything in between. Pinch, slab and coil techniques with softer clay, carving and chiseling techniques with harder clay provide the opportunity explore the character of the material. Décor techniques added to the mix can include slip painting, clay inlay and carving. A natural wood ash glaze adds to the surface structure and shades of colors.



Turning Mud into Something

1 day Workshop

July 14, 2018
July 21, 2018

Instructor: SIMON KELLER

SUM-18G / $75.00

This workshop will introduce the basics of wheel thrown pottery. It provides a glimpse into the  techniques of this 6000 years old profound craft. At the end of it you will have made one or more pots and an idea what it is all about turning mud into something. We draw inspiration from the “less is more” approach. Rather than relying on an abundance of ready-made materials, we focus on a few, simple materials: stoneware clay, slip, ceramic pigments and natural wood-ash glaze.

Sessions include


Break and Make Gestalt

1 day Workshop

August 4, 2018

Instructor: SIMON KELLER

SUM-18H / $75.00

Break the pot, pick the pieces, make your own! When we break a pot we collect the shards, piece them together, and build, construct, and assemble objects. Gestalt follows the flow of materials and expresses their unique inherited properties. Certain variations recur naturally, but only to be abandoned in the process of change for the other, the novel. Gestalt embraces trial and error, chaos and harmony, the spiritual and the mundane alike, continuously creating an ever so playful multitude of manifestations. 


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