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How do I become a duCret School Instructor?

In order to become an instructor you must be a professional artist with a minimum of 5 years experience in your field and 3 years experience working in a managerial or teaching capacity. Resume submission should include your medium, approach to your work, and a description of your current relationship to art. duCret offers 15wk, 8wk, and 6wk courses - please specify the length of the course and a summary of the class you would offer. All of our instructors are considered adjuncts. If your course is offered, please note that it may not run dependent on the number of registered students. 

Submit resumes to: Tess Hansen at [email protected] 

Are there any volunteer opportunities?

Yes! duCret is always looking for volunteers. Whether it’s tour guides in the winter, planting or weeding gardens in the spring, or getting our files organized in the summer we are always looking for some help. The only requirement for a volunteer is that they are able bodied (our school has a lot of stairs) and are willing to come in consistantly. Please fill out the form above or call 908-757-7171

What is a vocational art school?

duCret is considered a vocational or trade school which means each graduate leaves with a certificate notifying potential employers they have the technical skills required to perform the tasks of a job in fine art. Students take foundation courses in a variety of mediums, honing their skills to center around their desired major course of study. Coursework combines job or field education with post-secondary theory.  The studio-based classroom experience enables students to study basics in composition, design and color theory and to prepare their own professional portfolio. Each instructor is a current professional artist and therefore classes include writing and understanding contracts, marketing, and networking for the development of a thriving career in the arts.

Is there a payment plan or financial aid?

Those choosing more than three classes per semester can inquire about a payment plan. duCret offers three payment plans to be discussed at your scheduled appointment. Please see our tuition page for more information.

Call 908.757.7171 to schedule an appointment to make payment arrangements or email: [email protected] 

What is the add/drop policy?

The add/drop period is two weeks from the start of each semester. Students will be contacted during the add/drop period to select a different class or refund should a class not run. All classed dropped within these two weeks will not remain on the student's transcript, any course dropped after the two week deadline will receive a "W" in the grade column.

What Happens After Graduation?

Although personal business viability and sustainability is up to each graduating artist to uphold, all are welcome to continue to keep in touch with duCret and may partake in future community shows and events. As graduates, students will have already successfully participated as featured artists in roughly six exhibits, and thus, each has been naturally, well integrated into the center's abundant activity programs and shows. This provides a seamless continuance of the stable supportive environment that the student experienced while in class. Graduates are invited to create long term bonds with their teachers/mentors. duCret alumni continue partake in the center's events, decades after graduation.

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