Dear Faculty Members & Alumni,

As many of you may be aware, since our organization has acquired a new President (Gordon Fuller), all aspects of our organization are under review; with the purpose of making much needed environmental and administrative improvements. As a result, there are several very positive projects in the works that will be implemented in the coming year that will bring about many new opportunities for creative growth overall. Since we released ourselves from ‘National Accreditation’ earlier this year, certain administrative procedures, as well as curriculum changes are underway and we’d like to inform you of some of the changes that will affect you.

Administrative Changes & Upgrades
A new administrative computing system will be in effect starting in the Spring Semester 2016, which will streamline our internal operations and open doors for more specialty workshops and events to be created. This includes the timing of certain requests we make to those faculty members who are offering such.

All Classes and Workshops will now be scheduled out and posted online, one (1) year in advance. This gives our office personnel the proper amount of time to create catalog/promo materials, and post to internet and advertising sources. No longer can we allow last minute workshop submissions, or workshop date changes (should a class not fill at a designated date).
Though we understand that some of you may not feel prepared to commit to spring or summer 2016 workshop dates this December 2015, nonetheless, the organization cannot continue to exist as it has in the past and expect to fill necessary seats for all seasonal programs. Therefore, we are asking all faculty members to submit their spring/summer workshops and fall semester classes (as marked below). Faculty members will have the option to withdraw from teaching their workshops should any personal conflict arise at the timing each workshop is to run. In which case, a replacement instructor will be brought in. In order to make our workshop programs successful in the coming year, all submission info and deadline dates for all workshops and classes will be approved and enforced, per the Board.

We are welcoming of new ideas or workshops that you may have in mind and urge each of you to consider adding more to the duCret equation this coming year. Please email your submission info to: [email protected] or contact: Megan C./Dana B. at 908-757-7171 between 9 am – 4 pm. Additional submission forms are also available in the admin office.

Submission Instructions:

1. Workshop Submissions:

Submit Deadline: December 18, 2015 – for Spring Workshops 2016
Submit Deadline: December 18, 2015 – for Summer Adult Workshops 2016
Submit Deadline: Feb 1, 2016 – for Fall Workshops 2016

2. Fall Semester 2016 Class Submissions:

Submit Deadline: Feb 1, 2016 for Fall Semester Classes 2016

3. Submission Info Requirements:

Submit By Email: Submission form and 300DPI (Large size) Jpeg images to [email protected]
Submit By Phone: Those without email access can contact Megan C. in the administration office at 908-757-7171, weekdays between 9 am and 4 pm.
Drop Off: Submit paper forms to: the administrative office, Monday – Friday between 9 am – 4 pm.

We appreciate your efforts while we institute several internal adjustments at this time, and we look forward to supporting you this coming year. 

The Administrative Office