Study on a F/T or P/T basis and explore a wide range of 2D and 3D visual art media and techniques under our Artist Entrepreneur Program. Develop perceptional and conceptual skills in order to express artistic ideas based on personal goals. Move from introductory to advanced level courses in drawing, painting, photography, film, printmaking (intaglio, silkscreen), or 3-D sculpture, ceramics, stained glass, jewelry design, and concentrate in one or more of these areas. A Fine Art graduate will have the necessary skills to begin a career as a fine artist; to work in galleries, fine art studios, as an artist assistant, or can branch out in an entrepreneurial venture. 




Drawings form the material basis of mural & canvas painting, book illustration, sculpture, etching, mosaic, engraving and other forms of visual art. The development of drawing skills instills confidence, speed and prolific endeavors in all art mediums.

Introductions include: Drawing Characteristics and Methods / Types of Drawing / Charcoal / Chalks & Pastels / Metalpoint / Graphite / Drawing with Pen / Pen and Brush / Ink Wash / Pencil Grounds / History of Drawing / Perspective / Portrait / Life Drawing / Landscape / Still Life / Book Illustration / Graphic Novels / Fantasy / Cartooning / Story Boards.



The field of three-dimensional art is extensive and varied. Students seeking a career in 3D art have numerous options and specializations to consider. An exploration of the most lucrative mediums sets Read on to learn more about 3D art programs.

Book & Printmaking / Ceramics / Pottery Wheel / Takumi Stoneware /  Sculpture / Gem & Jewelry Design / Stained Glass / Foamsmithing & Costume Design for Film & Television / SFX Makeup / Fan Fiction Character Design / Background Design for Theatre, Gaming & Animation, 3D Rendering.



An exploration in several painting mediums includes Digital, Traditional, Contemporary, Renaissance, Mural, Abstract, Surrealism, Conceptual, Narrative,  
Realism, Minimalism, Futuristic, Naturalistic, Pop, Representational, Photographic, and Symbolistic.

Areas of study include: Acrylic / Oil / Pastel / Mixed Media / Watercolor / Graphic & Computer Art / Composition / Light Source / Brush Techniques / Gels & Mediums / Hard & Soft Edges / Color Wheel & Color Mixing / Marker & Ink / Controlled Palette / Papers, Canvas & Brush Types / Finishing & Polish Techniques / Matting and Framing.


Explore a range of entertainment related mediums including, camera operation for TV, film, newscasts, live event coverage, music videos, documentaries and learn how to work under the supervision of directors and cinematographers.

Fashion & Commercial Photography /  Film-making / Photojournalism / Set Design / Theater Arts / Fashion Design / Narration / Special Effects / 3D Rendering / Caricature / Graphic Novels / Editing, Storyboards / Studio & Location Lighting / Industry Practices, Copyrights and Regulations.



Study basics in composition, design and color theory; creating with a color wheel, color correction, color management, color in branding, advertising and marketing, and forecasts in the art, media, fashion, entertainment and corporate industries.

Application includes: values/  hues / tones / blends / complementary colors /  psychological aspects of color / fostering & implementing inspirational design  / consumer/client  preferences / color trends / techniques for making more effective use of color in all mediums and designs / saturation & temperature / depth of color and relationships in light.


The study and mastery of digital art prepares students for professional work in various aspects of computer-based design, including:  graphic design, web design, digital video, 3D design for gaming and animation, and all social media platforms.

Branding / Advertising / Design Fundamentals / Typography / Packaging / Logos / Blogging / Digital Cartooning /  Online Publishing / Internet Product Lines / Clothing & Fashion Design / Responsive & Mobile Web Design / Illustration / Optimizing Designs / Business for Designers.