The duCret Artist Entrepreneur Program is a three year [F/T] or six year [P/T]  Post-secondary career intensive designed to help emerging artists to 1) develop and master foundation skills in the visual arts field, 2) harness and focus their talents into commercially viable product lines and 3) create effective branding and marketing plans that will help to ensure financial sustainability in chosen mediums. The program is broken down into three major areas of concentration:


The Foundation Year or its equivalent is required to enter advanced study in one of the three major programs offered by the duCret School of Art. The Foundation Year is an exploration of a variety of visual arts mediums, techniques, ideas, and the visual vocabulary used by art industry pros. Although the work in each of these major areas of study involves specialized courses, the same basic principles of art apply throughout. The objective of the Foundation Year is to provide these basic principles, giving a solid background in art fundamentals and techniques upon which a career as a professional artist or designer is based. The conceptual and visual skills that are developed in the Foundation Year will prepare the student for advanced study in their major.




During Year Two, students are advanced to an intermediate level of fine art skills, while focus is simultaneously placed on creating a unique identity in one's chosen mediums.  Emphasis is placed on exploring one's place in the world, so as to ultimately determine a 'signature style', to identify world purpose and create a cohesive brand style. This is then parlayed into the production of a series, brand or collection. Development of product lines from thumbnail concepts to completed works ready for marketing is the main focus. Students are required to produce finished pieces, with a strong emphasis on 'quality design, polished works and professionally matted and framed pieces, or finished products in all 3D specialty areas. Portfolio development of product pieces begins at this level.




During Year Three, students learn all aspects of the business end of the art field, which includes: collection(s) completion, copyrights & legal terminology, product pricing, packaging, logo creation, and marketing of final product via web development, business cards and social media. Portfolio completion of all collections created is required. Throughout all three years, students must participate in a total of 6 live shows; to ultimately culminate in a live final presentation that is made before school board members, faculty and the student body. Students must demonstrate an ability to clearly and verbally define their world mission, community or world purpose and express an explicit business plan for the pursuance of their career goals after graduation.


What Happens After Graduation?

The duCret School of Art is not only an educational institution for emerging entrepreneurial artists, it is also an art center. Throughout the entire 3 YR and 6 YR career courses provided, students are directly involved in both on and off location art exhibits and art demonstrations, which include meeting and engaging with art professionals and clients from various creative arts venues.  



Is your teen unusually gifted? Are you stumped as to how to assist them to get started in life? If your child is a certain type of individual, whose natural and innate inner constitution is of a strong creative bent, getting them properly started in society can sometimes be a challenge. A four year college plan is not always an appropriate 'next step' for those who already possess a strong propensity for an art-based career. The mindsets of certain artists are not always 'mainstream oriented' and quite often, artistic souls cannot conform to standardized educative formats designed for the masses. Oftentimes these individuals possess a depth of perception and sensitivity level that exceeds the norm - simply because they ARE extra-ordinarily talented. Thus, many of them need a more intensive type training program, where their advanced capabilities can be recognized, harnessed, focused and even challenged. All instructors at duCret are 'currently working' art pros; adept and proven in their fields of expertise. A pro artist to emerging artist mentoring program such as provided by duCret, may be just the ticket for your teen. When investigating their future options: campus tours and art career consultations provided by duCret are free and take about 45 minutes. A visit to duCret enables a teen and parent to view duCret students being taught in a 'live studio environment'. As a non-profit, our tuition fees have remained remarkably low, with only a few tuition raises allotted in the past 38 years! That's a dumbfounding statistic! There are no pressured sales to 'recruit' your child. Your child will follow his or her heart and will instinctively know whether the duCret environment is right for them. And we leave it at that. Click here to schedule a visit.