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The duCret School of Art in NJ's oldest art school and is a non-profit organization that provides a rigorous and industry-focused education experience for those desiring a professional career in the arts and entertainment field. It's educational philosophy is based on mentor-style interactions between instructors and students — in class, in production and through active shows and exhibits. It is a school designed to develop artist entrepreneurs. All of the duCret instructors are actively working artists who share their business wisdom while tutoring emerging artists in the skills and techniques of a variety of visual arts mediums.

Students are given the support and opportunity to define their own personal objectives and to develop and refine their unique signature styles and artistic voices through the mediums of their choice. The school strives to create an environment for students to develop the skills, confidence, imagination, and power to contribute to the world and their communities as artists, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and 'consciously aware' world changers. 



Marjorie Van Emburgh

Marjorie Van Emburgh

Artist and teacher Marjorie Van Emburgh founded the School in 1926. In the early part of the twentieth century, Plainfield was a bustling cultural center. Because of its location students were able to receive an excellent education without the added expense of moving or commuting into Manhattan or Philadelphia.

In the early thirties, the School’s teaching staff included such prominent artists as Jonas Lie, N.A., John Carlson, N.A., Yasno Kuniyoshi and William Zorach. By 1936 the School had outgrown its original quarters and obtained space in the Babcock Building, located in the center of the Plainfield business district. In 1964, the Van Emburgh School of Art was acquired by Dudley V. duCret and became the Van Emburgh/duCret School of Fine and Industrial Art, a privately owned institution.

Ms. Van Emburgh remained a faculty member until 1975. In 1970, the school officially became a private, non-profit corporation known as, “The duCret School of the Arts, Inc.” That year, Philadelphia sculptor, Boris Blai and nationally known portrait artist, Furman Finck, joined the faculty. Seven years later the school moved to its present location at 1030 Central Avenue, a five-acre campus in a wooded residential area in a historic section of Plainfield. The property is now a historic landmark. duCret is New Jersey's oldest art school.