The application process for any of our certificate programs is extremely easy and uncomplicated! In fact, the only program that requires a formal interview with the school's Directors, is the Full Time Certificate Program (10 classes per week). This is required to establish that an applying individual will be capable of managing a full time schedule in a financially stable and feasible way, with homework and exhibit projects due seasonally. The Art Entrepreneur Program is not an easy ride. Students will work very hard to accomplish their personal goals and create their signature-driven art collections. The live studio teaching environment gives students the 'exact feel' of what it is like to endeavor as a professional artist daily; to think up, sketch out, create, produce and polish works that will ultimately become 'products' sufficient to produce ultimate income.

To apply to duCret: simply submit the application form along with a $25.00 application fee to the school. Those applying to the school on a full time basis will be contacted within two weeks of submission of application and an interview will be scheduled with a Director. At that time, individuals will be required to bring 3 - 8 pieces of completed artwork for review. For high school graduates, acceptance to the full time program is based on 1) a joint discussion with parents, 2) the individuals needs and artistic goals, and 3) financial ability to manage tuition costs and talent level. High grade point averages are not necessarily required, (GED's are accepted) but an internal passion for creating art and self-commitment to one's assigned classes IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL!


The application process for the Part Time Certificate Program (5 classes per week) is similar to the full time application process. However, acceptance to this program is less stringent as other life factors of an individual's lifestyle are considered. Many students work part time and attend duCret part time. Some students attend local colleges, but take semester art classes here, that are not offered at their colleges. Some individuals may need career guidance regarding which classes to start with and others may simply desire to take specific classes to enhance already acquired training.  Each part time student's life situation is different, therefore a secondary interview with a Director may or may not be required. Applicants will be notified regarding a required formal interview.  To apply to duCret: simply submit the application form along with a nominal $25.00 application fee to the school. 


There is no application submission or fee required to enroll for the Continuing Education (CED) Class-at-a-Time Program. Any adult individual can register online or by phone via our admissions office for either a semester class (15 weeks) or a seasonal workshop. Semester courses (15 Weeks) are offered twice a year, with a:  (Fall Semester/September start) and (Spring Semester/January start). Seasonal workshops are offered year-round and are listed in the WORKSHOPS TAB.


An alternative way for 'creatives' to get a career-hold in 'the real world' is to choose an alternate route from the standard four year college programs offered. In three years at duCret, you can become an artentrepreneur - by learning and crafting your collections and signature brand in a studio based training center. 

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To apply, simply follow the directions below.

ONLINE Application FORM


Step 1. Use the PayPal button below to submit the $25.00 Application Fee. Step 2. When you have submitted your payment, you will be automatically be directed to the online application form (resembling below). Should you mistakenly close out before submitting that form after you've made your payment, you may return to this page and submit from here as well. Please be sure to do BOTH STEPS, or call 908.757.7171 Mon. - Fri. between 9 am - 4 pm if you have any questions when submitting your information.  For mail in applications: download form and follow instructions on form. We will contact you once we have received your information!

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