“Creating personal expression through technical excellence” is the philosophy of Academy duCret.

We seek to empower our students with high level drawing skills and a strong understanding of nature in connection with three-dimensional form. We seek to train professional artists with a strong grounding in the craft of painting and a sense of pride in their work. We want our students to take their new-found knowledge and apply it to their future projects. There are no short cuts to the hard work required to be an artist. We provide an environment that fosters student’s individual strengths and encourages personal artistic interpretation. It is not our aim to be dogmatic about the finished painting, if the student wants to finish their painting loose or tight it is their discretion and the program does not work against them.

Brian Townsend

Brian began his studies at Kean University in Elizabeth, NJ before enrolling at duCret. After graduating from duCret he worked as a Designer and Art Director. He chose to follow
his true passion as a fine artist and began his studies at The National Academy of Design, NY where he became an assistant instructor. Townsend is an accomplished portrait artist and mural painter for over twenty years. He has taught at various schools. Over the past two and a half decades, his skilled hand has resulted in his portraits, landscapes and still life paintings becoming prized gallery collectables.

Brandon Drake

Brandon is a graduate of duCret School of Art where he studied under Monica Baumann and Timothy W. Jahn. After graduating he continued his studies at the Ani Art Academy Waichulis in PA. There he immersed himself into the program pushing his technical capabilities to a new level. Not long after leaving the academy Brandon traveled to the Republica Dominicana
to open the second Ani Academy. Now back state side he is represented by Swain Galleries and Rehs Gallery.

Frank Falotico

Frank has a B.A. from Monmouth University and is a graduate of the duCret School of Art. He also studied at the Art Students League, N.Y. under famed anatomist, Robert Beverly Hale. Professional experience includes work in animation with both Adventure Cartoons for T.V. and Paramount Studios, N.Y. and design and illustration for the Point-of-Purchase publication display field. He has exhibited in numerous shows in New Jersey and New York. He is also the director of the duCret School of art.