Jane Doherty

Jane Doherty is one of the nation’s leading authorities on psychic experiences. For more than 20 years, she has acted as a communication bridge between the living and the departed, and has helped tens of thousands of people  understand their past, future—and the spirit world. 

March 17, 2018
7:00 PM - 11: 00 PM


The seance is conducted to communicate with the spirit loved one's of those assembled in the circle. Every attempt is made to communicate with at least one spirit loved one for each participant. For those who do not have a spirit communicate in the "open" part of the seance Jane will then change the procedure and focus on a particular spirit for that person. Sometimes, a spirit "tenant" residing in a haunted building could also try to communicate which just adds to the excitement of the night!

For maximum communication and understanding of the spirit world Jane will explain the  seance protocol, as well as, allay any anxiety or disolve any misconceptions  of a seance  or spirit communication. 

Call in to check availability of tickets for this event at (908) 757-7171.

Dream Workshop
April 12 & 19, 2018

As President of the Jersey Society of Parapsychology, Jane pioneered the first New Jersey Ghost Tours and public séances in 1989, and has since helped counteract the public’s fear of the unknown. Her book, Awakening The Mystic Gift: The Surprising Truth About What It Means To Be Psychic, reveals Jane’s personal story and sheds insight on how you can develop the psychic within you. As well as private consultations, Jane lectures, conducts ghost investigations and séances—and offers classes including Psychic Boot Camps to those seeking to discover and  develop their psychic abilities. She is also a motivational speaker.


ABOUT NJ PARANORMAL - We are a Paranormal group based out of New Jersey consisting of  four members who research and investigate the existence of energy and spirits in  the hereafter. Our means of  accomplishing this are thru the current technology that is available to measure energy fields and temperature differences along with video and audio documentation. One of our investigators is also a medium. She is one of the many resources that we rely on to provide us with information during an investigation. As we compile and analyze this information we try to find a logical explanation for any occurrences. Things that cannot be explained will be documented and presented as evidence. We are simply here to bear witness, validate your claims and assist you in dealing with what you are dealing with in your home or business. View their work at: http://www.newjerseyparanormal.com/ .