Is there a payment plan or financial aid?

Those choosing more than three classes per semester can inquire about a payment plan. duCret offers three payment plans to be discussed at your scheduled appointment. Please see our tuition page for more information.

Call 908.757.7171 to schedule an appointment to make payment arrangements or email: [email protected] 


Those gifted in the arts can indeed secure successful careers in the world. The progression from one's esoteric dream to a steady working and living reality is not as difficult as it may seem. The duCret School of Art specializes in training and launching artists into the visual arts and entertainment industries.  Our Artist Entrepreneur Program is a three year [F/T] or six to eight year [P/T]  Post-secondary career-focused, studio-based intensive.

The program is designed to help emerging artists to:
1) develop and master foundation skills in the visual arts field
2) harness and focus their talents into commercially viable product lines
3) create effective branding and marketing plans that will help to ensure financial sustainability in chosen mediums.


A four year college plan is not always an appropriate 'next step' for those who possess a strong propensity for an art-based career.  Those possessed of artistic gifting often need a more focused training program, where their advanced capabilities can be recognized, harnessed, focused, manifested and even challenged. The instructors at duCret are 'actively working' art professionals; adept and proven in their fields of expertise. Professional Artist to Emerging Artist Mentoring provided by duCret, may be just the ticket for artistically talented, graduated high school teens who can't envision themselves in another four year educative environment (such as college), studying subject matter not directly related to their heart's desires. The duCret School of Art can also be a second chance avenue for floundering college drop-outs and their overwhelmed parents. In our live studio classrooms, rebounding students immediately find an environment accepting of their 'out-of-box thoughts' about life, and quickly rebuild self-esteem issues marred by 'initial wrong starts' in life.  The school provides a F/T and P/T Certificate Program or a Class-at-a-Time Continuing Education Program available for re-bounding college drop outs or adults desiring to change careers at mid-life. 

What Happens After Graduation?

Although personal business viability and sustainability is up to each graduating artist to uphold, all are welcome to continue to use the campus facilities and may partake in future community shows and events via The duCret Art Center. As graduates, students will have already successfully participated as featured artists in a minimum of six exhibits (a requirement for graduation), and thus, each has been naturally, well integrated into the center's abundant activity programs and shows. This provides a seamless continuance of the stable supportive environment that the student experienced while in class. Graduates are invited to continue using the facilities where they have created long term bonds with their teacher/mentors. duCret alumni continue partake in the center's events, decades after graduation.

How Does One Apply to duCRET?

FULL TIME (certificate)

The application process for any of our certificate programs is extremely easy and uncomplicated! In fact, the only program that requires a formal interview with the school's Directors, is the Full Time Certificate Program (10 classes per week). This is required to establish that an applying individual will be capable of managing a full time schedule (consisting of 3 hour classes), in a financially stable and feasible way, with homework and exhibit projects due seasonally. The Artist Entrepreneur Program is not an easy ride. Students will work very hard to accomplish their personal goals and create their signature-driven art collections. The live studio teaching environment gives students the 'exact feel' of what it is like to endeavor daily; to think up, sketch out, create, produce and polish works that will ultimately become 'products' sufficient to produce ultimate income.

To apply to duCret: simply submit the application form along with a $25.00 application fee to the school. Those applying to the school on a full time basis will be contacted within two weeks of submission of application and an interview will be scheduled with a Director. At that time, individuals will be required to bring 3 - 8 pieces of completed artwork for review. For high school graduates, acceptance to the full time program is based on 1) a joint discussion with parents, 2) the individuals needs and artistic goals, and 3) financial ability to manage tuition costs and talent level. High grade point averages are not necessarily required, (GED's are accepted) but an internal passion for creating art IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL!

PART TIME (Certificate)

The application process for the Part Time Certificate Program (5 classes per week) is similar. To apply to duCret: simply submit the application form along with a nominal $25.00 application fee to the school. However, acceptance to this program is less stringent as other life factors of an individual's lifestyle are considered. Many students work part time and attend duCret part time. Some students attend local colleges, but take semester art classes here, that are not offered at their colleges. Some individuals may need career guidance regarding which classes to start with and others may simply desire to take specific classes to enhance already acquired training.  Each part time student's life situation is different, therefore a secondary interview with an applicant may or may not be required.

CLASS-AT-A-TIME (NON-Certificate)

There is no application submission or fee required to enroll for the Class-at-a-Time Program. Any adult individual can register online or by phone via our admissions office for either a semester class (15 weeks) or a seasonal workshop.